Introducing KIPAF

PERFORMERS iNDEPENDENT (Pi) was an independent artists' collective, experimenting and exploring the traditional, modernist and contemporary spaces in the cultural paradigm. The Kolkata International Performance Art Festival was initiated by Pi in 2012 to annually open up the city of Kolkata to diverse traditions of performance, performitivty and interventions. Since then Pi has got fragmented but KIPAF has taken deeper roots.

The festival aims to be a platform for dialogue between site, art, politics and culture. KIPAF acknowledges the nascent nature of Performance Art in India, and will always play a role in the pedagogy of performance art.
The festival is be held between 23rd-26th January every year.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Tentative and FInal Schedule - Day 4 #KIPAF18

Tentative and FInal Schedule - Day 4  26th January 2018 #KIPAF18      

2.00   |  Meeting Point at PRESS CLUB PATH
2.20   | Rohan Dumbre and Vidhi  (UNTITLED)
2.40 - 3.30 | Open Session
3.30 - 4.15 move from Press Club Path to Howrah Station by BUS VIA RED ROAD
5.00   |   Tomo Seto   UNTITLED at HOWRAH STATION
5.35 WALK from Howrah Station to Foreshore Road
5.50   |   Vidhi  WALL   Foreshore Road
6.00   |   Jihyoung Park  BAEKHWA  Foreshore Road
6.25  |   Rohen Dumbre  (UNTITLED)  Foreshore Road
7.00  |  We Women II TRIGGER WARNING Foreshore Road
7.45  |   Anwarul Hoque   AWAITED  Foreshore Road

8.00  - 9.00 | Dinner and Discussion

9.15  | Tanzina Hossen Arshi  WATER  Foreshore Road
9.15  | Sumana Akter and ChiMuk YOU SEE ME I SHOW YOU
9.40  | Shilpi and Santhosh RIGIDITY IN LIMITATION/LIMITATION IN RIGIDITY Foreshore Road
10.00  | Performers independent
After the last performance, space is open to performance jamming, discussion and night exploration.

01.00 | B Ajay Sharma - Intervening Desires - somewhere in Rajarhat 

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